Three Thirds films is a flexible, cost-effective and high-quality production service that works with a broad range of clients and budgets.
We are a three person team with complementary skillsets. We work remotely and only bring in additional crew when needed, drawing on a huge network of the best video production freelancers across Kent and Sussex.
Phil Harris producer at Three Thirds Films




Phil was a successful music entrepreneur, running several businesses including online and FM radio stations, club promotion and a record label. He found his way into the film industry by directing music videos and teamed up with Tom and Mick in 2013 to make branded content and feature films. He has produced dozens of commercials, corporate videos and promotional videos, and along the way, he has squeezed in five feature films with Tom and Mick. An entrepreneurial spirit combined with real on-the-ground experience explains his reputation for bringing ambitious projects in on time and on budget.

Tom Sands director at Three Thirds Films




In 2010, Tom dropped out of film school and cut his teeth shooting and editing a series of documentaries filmed in eight different countries. He went on to direct music videos, commercials and branded content. He is a hands-on film-maker, combining directing duties with camera operating, and maintaining close involvement in all aspects of post-production. He has worked for brands like Fanta, Coca-Cola, Zovirax and Unilever, as well as helming five feature films with distribution on Netflix and Amazon.

Mick Sands writer at Three Thirds Films




Mick had a successful career as an advertising copywriter at top London agencies like JWT, DDB and Leagas Delaney, where he wrote more than 60 broadcast TV commercials and won all of the major industry awards, including golds and silvers at D&AD, BTAA and Cannes. He has also been commissioned to write screenplays for Warner Bros. and Gary Kurtz (producer of Star Wars), as well as working with Tom on all of his feature films. Mick has worked for clients like TfL, Fiat, Barclays, Bosch and British Gas. 

Supported by a network of editors, cinematographers, motion graphics specialists, composers and film crew, Three Thirds Films produces:
  • corporate videos
  • promotional videos
  • explainer videos
  • events coverage
  • training videos
  • short-form and long-form documentaries
  • branded content 
  • commercials
  • music videos
We can cover all stages of the video production process or come on board for specific tasks, such as:
  • scriptwriting
  • storyboarding
  • budgeting 
  • scheduling
  • sourcing cast and crew
  • sourcing locations
  • sourcing equipment
  • editing 
  • grading
  • graphics
  • sound mixing
  • delivery